PENG 6 minutes ago. The only tool required to install the amplifier is a power screwdriver with a Philips 2 drive bit. A flat initial response is associated to how true the sound is being reproduced, and essential means the subwoofer is not coloring the output in any audible manner. I am working on another sub project anyway and am only currently using 4 of the drivers in my living room. If the drivers are still good, why not just seal up the plate amp hole, add binding posts and go with the external amp?

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Geronimo 24 posts Share. Drivers are MFW’s and they are both blown. How does one determine the correct resistors to use? Unfortunately the end result is a lot more complicated than this simple gain function, where the subwoofer’s location, your seating location and relative dimensions of the room will all impose a series of peaks and valleys on top of this general trend of the response.

Going the iNuke route means it’ll be there to run larger subs down the road. I might get two amps if budget allows.

Use the ‘Report’ button to flag comments and posts not in line with redditquette or subreddit rules. Problem is the quad15 never really took off and there just hasnt been enough interest or demand for the new driver to warent a production run as these are not off replacemment shelf. As such the common DIY outlets do not offer amplifiers which can fit in the cabinet.


I’m gonna give you guys a call one of replacment days when I’m ready to pull the trigger.

MFW Mk2 Amplifier – Seaton Sound, Inc

You can either leave this cable in place or cut the connectors from one end and pull it through from the other side. You can use a more powerful amp with that box size and get more output, but if you are keeping the same amp I would just stay sealed. Thanks for the reply. Trell 7 minutes ago. You are referring to the new amplifier and not the original one aren’t you? Thanks for your help so far. No solicitation of services.

If those options don’t work out for you or you prefer to process are card over the phone, simply give us a call at and we can process your credit card over the phone. I had purchased 2 of these subs and had them both done in no time. I appreciate the info you all have provided re: Now we have a knob with 11 selections rather than a button to choose between 2.

With so many failed and thousands sold, I have long wanted to offer a drop-in amplifier to both fit the original cabinet, and to implement many of the refinements I wanted in the original and intended to include if a 2nd generation was ever released. It required wiring a speakon cable.

MFW-15 Mk2 Amplifier

Start position 12 o’clock. I can only imagine moving that much air in my attic and how that would sound 10 houses away This is another way to look at the adjustment where you can first run your room Kfw-15 system such as Audyssey, ARC or Dirac, and then adjust the LF EQ knob and absolute volume to do the final seasoning to taste: Click here to sign up for e-mail notification of Turbo woofer availability.

Recent Drivers  RL2000-PCI DRIVER DOWNLOAD

If you gain match all three subs hold the SPL meter right in front of the sub instead of using the listening position you should be fine. Just replacejent off the phone with Sweetwater.

I might be willing to sell two more drivers. Seems like a waste. Knowing that I use the SA-1 amp for my replcement, am I going to run into a sub optimal situation where the power is lackin themg to sufficiently run this driver? I can hear the subs outside already. ALL of the single amplifier orders shipped out late yesterday.

The middle, light blue line replacemenf what you get with the LF EQ knob at 12 o’clock. For most the electrical connection will be very simple matter of matching the red to red wire and black to black with the bullet-style connectors.

While this functions just fine, it isn’t as clean a look as I’d prefer.